Photo by Allana Taranto,  Ars Magna Studio
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"Whether physical or metaphysical, humanity survives by way of continuous movement-our culture, beliefs, and histories are marked by impermanence. This album is an exploration of that concept—traveling between early and contemporary repertoires, based in texts, melodies, and timelines that refuse to be conveniently pinned down by norms." Beth Willer, Artistic Director

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Lorelei's album of Americana both traditional and re-imagined. Featuring the music of Joshua Bornfield, Adam Jacob Simon, Josh Shank, Dana Maiban, Moira Smiley, and William Billings.

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Live. Know. Love.

Featuring the music of Steve Reich, David Lang, Alfred Schnittke, Maggi Payne, and Mary Montgomery Koppel.

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Kati Agócs: The Debrecen Passion

Lorelei Ensemble with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project

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